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Where does the time go? I decided to take a look…

11:32 AM: Check GMAIL and see that Geoff Livingston has sent me an invite to a Web seminar hosted by Network Solutions. Network Solutions? Wow, I guess their Social Media Swami, Shashi Bellamkonda is showing them the way.

11: 34 AM: A friend of mine wrote on my board ” You can get a $500 free Macy’s Shopping Card, really, it works!” Really? Those are always scams, aren’t they? But my friend Jill has a good head on her shoulders. Maybe this time it’s different.

11:45 AM: Have now signed up for some Reputation Monitoring service. OK, wait a minute, I have to sign up for 8 offers, and they all include inputting credit card info. This is a big pain in the butt.

11:50 AM: Britney Spears is on Twitter, I must check out her profile and see what her tweeters are saying.

12:00 PM talk to an old friend who recommends I check out Creative Genius.


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