The Secret to Every Successful Budget

A defensible social media playbook is the secret to every successful budget negotiation. Socialmedialista will help you identify and avoid wasted social media program dollars.

Your playbook will include the following elements:

  • Cost-saving strategies
  • Social media “tune-up” and insights
  • Social media analytics
  • Digital content strategy
  • Recommendations for organic social media channel growth
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for implementation.

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Get the Evidence You Need to Scale Back or Scale Up

Content Analytics

Social media and web metrics analysis show what you’re doing right — so you can do more.

Channel Growth and Engagement

Stop wasting your budget on an ineffective social media strategy. Discover proven ways to to grow engagement..,organically.

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Data-Driven Insights

Discover actionable insights to optimize your content strategy and drive decision making. Demonstrate the ROI of your work to justify your program budget.