What Should I name My Blog?

Published by Karen Snyder on

I was trying to decide what to name the Corporate Blog I plan to write for my company. (Which has not launched yet and so I’m kind of practicing on my own here.) So I decided to survey my friends and they came back with some pretty funny suggestions for titles.

  • Snyder’s Snippets
  • Enterprise Social Media: Life in the trenches
  • Yeah, yeah, blog this… OMG…Social Media…LIC (from my boss)
  • Free Donuts!
  • Sourdough Rolls (from a jetlagged VP)
  • Karen’s Wheelhouse The Snyd Truth
  • Nothing but the Poop! or the Poop Scoop!
  • Social Media Maven: See Me Naked click here.
  • Kareniki: Adventures in Social Media
  • Karenlicious
  • Karenpedia
  • karen.tv: Stories from the social media front line
  • Snyder Social Media Marvels & Tales

And then I asked our SEO Guru how I should figure out what keywords to focus on for my blog and he gave me some very sage advice:

“…just begin writing the content then see how it should be best grouped. For blogs the categorization is one of the most important parts of the SEO. You can always go back to past posts and retag or add tags as you begin to see themes emerge from your writing.”
— Rob Meusel, SEO Guru

So, maybe I’ll actually succeed in writing a blog, with a little help from my friends!


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