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Yesterday we had another presentation from Jive on their Clearspace app. Definitely a promising tool for our company, something we would like to leverage both internally AND externally.

But the best part of this week (so far) was meeting Jive’s Social Software evangelist, Gia Lyons. Here is how she was introduced in the meeting maker:

“Introduction of THE Gia Lyons:
Gia is a collaboration guru and industry pundit. She was with IBM for the last 10 years working directly with their largest clients on social productivity software initiatives. She’s well versed in industry and technical knowledge and can lead an interesting discussion on how Jive’s products map to your requirements.”

Listening to her talk was like music to my ears…and the best part is she has agreed to chat with me about Social Media Evangelism. I can use some encouragement right about now.

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Gia · June 11, 2008 at 4:21 am

Karen, it was a pleasure talking with you and your colleagues! I’m looking forward to chatting with you again after the Enterprise 2.0 conference is over.

Also, I’d love to get you hooked up with others in your role!

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